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Are you constantly searching for your keys amidst old bills, extra phone chargers, and empty soda cans? Does your closet have old shirts from high school lined up next to your work outfits? Do you avoid entering your garage because seeing all those boxes and garbage bags is too depressing? You’re not alone! Getting organized can be a serious challenge for many people. In this post, we’ll discuss the daunting task of getting organized around the house.

10 Tips for Getting Organized

Try employing the following tips to begin your journey toward organization.

1. Organize One Room At a Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and homes don’t get organized overnight. For example, plan to organize one room at a time every weekend for the next several weekends, starting with the easiest room first. Practicing on easy rooms will help you get ready to address bigger organizational challenges down the road.

2. Remove Clutter

Before you can organize a room, you must first remove the clutter. Old papers, flyers, Costco advertisements, Chinese, Thai, pizza menus, food containers, bills, and other scraps must all be disposed of or put in their proper place. Start making a list of clutter that needs a storage bin so you’ll know what to buy when you buy organizational systems.

3. Get Rid of Items You Don’t Use Often

If you haven’t used it in two years, remove it. As you get rid of items in your home, start a pile or a box of those things you wish to take to a consignment shop or sell in a garage sale.

4. Buy Modular Storage Solutions

The best storage solutions are modular ones because they’re designed to work together in a space-efficient and practical manner. Explore different modular systems before settling on the right one for you. If you’re going shopping in a store for organizational systems, don’t forget to bring measurements of your home’s closets and rooms so you’ll know what sizes will work for you.

5. Use Space Creatively

Think outside the box when considering the storage containers you might use in your home. Magnetic strips on the walls allow you to hang knives, keys, and tools. Mounted ceiling racks can hold everything from bicycles to pots to old bins of Christmas decorations. Take an inventory of your home’s empty space to decide what kind of storage makes sense for your home.

6. Make Labels and Use Color Codes

Plastic storage bins are great, but once everything is put away, you may find it hard to remember which bins are which. Labeling your bins is a simple way to make your new organizational system more user-friendly. Color coding is another effective way to keep your storage bins organized. For example, use green and red tape or stickers to contain your Christmas decorations, black and orange tape or stickers for Halloween decorations, and so on.

7. Use Baskets to Make Storage Decorative

Plastic storage bins can get the job done, but cloth bins and woven baskets are much more attractive in decorative parts of your house. When organizing open shelving and open cabinets, use baskets to keep your clutter hidden and make your shelves look more tidy.

8. Use Over-the-Door Clutter Holders

Over-the-door organizers can give you a good place to put random objects like knitting needles and yarn balls, little toys, garden gloves, baseball caps, and other items lying loose around your home. Put these organizers on each closet door in your home.

9. Use Shelves, Not Piles

Stacking storage bins on top of one another can make accessing the items kept at the bottom of the stack difficult. To make things easier, include purchasing wood or metal shelving in your organizational plan that can be assembled and then your storage bins on their sturdy shelves.

10. Get the Outdoor Stuff Outdoors

Outdoor toys and garden tools don’t need to be in your home or garage. Use a deck box or outdoor plastic garden tool shed to get outdoor items out of your home and where they belong.

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