staying warm

Winter is fast approaching, and while it might not get as cold in Los Angeles as in other parts of the country, things can get uncomfortably chilly. However, putting on the heater and leaving your central heating equipment going all day and night can get expensive fast. So, if you’re looking for ways to stay warm in Los Angeles without breaking the bank, you’re not alone. Luckily, we can help!

Money-Saving Tips for Staying Warm in Los Angeles This Winter

The following are a few of our favorite money-saving tips for staying warm in Los Angeles.

1. Install a programmable thermostat. 

Thermostats are excellent tools that can be connected to your traditional heating equipment to create automatic heating schedules. With heating schedules, you can prevent your equipment from running when no one is home or awake for greater efficiency. You can find many programmable thermostat options at our local California hardware store.

2. Utilize curtains. 

Another product we stock at our neighborhood ACE hardware shop that can help keep you warm this winter is curtains. Curtains are low-cost yet incredibly effective for preventing heat loss through windows and enhancing the overall privacy of your home. Leave curtains open on windows facing the sun during the day to allow heat gain. Close them at night to add insulation and reduce heat loss through window panes.

3. Check your insulation. 

Insulation plays a key role both during the cold and hot weather seasons. It prevents heat from being gained from the outside during summers and from being lost during winters. Handy homeowners should be able to climb into their attics to inspect insulation and add insulation as needed, but don’t be shy to hire a professional if you’re unsure or don’t want to handle insulation products yourself.

4. Switch up your home layout. 

Go through your home and ensure that no furnishings are blocking your winter and preventing your central heating system from operating as it should. If your home utilizes a radiator or similar equipment, consider rearranging your furnishings to move your favorite sitting places near heat-generating equipment.

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