tashman-ace partnership

The Tashman-ACE Partnership benefits our customers and the West Hollywood, Los Angeles community. It also ensures a much-enhanced shopping experience at Tashman Home Center.

What the Tashman-ACE Partnership Means for You

Consider the significant benefits of the Tashman-ACE partnership:

Wider Selection of Products

As an Ace Hardware-affiliated store, Tashman offers its customers a wider range of products to choose from. Products can be bought from ACE Hardware’s website and delivered to Tashman’s store. Next-day delivery to Tashman Home Center is also available, free of charge.

Top-Notch Service

Ace Hardware, a global leader in locally owned hardware stores, is known for its vast experience and unparalleled service. Tashman’s fast and friendly personal service receives a boost with this partnership.

Bigger Savings

The Tashman-ACE partnership helps customers save even more through the loyalty program. As Tashman Home Center’s rewards and ACE rewards collide, the discounts and deals get bigger and better.

Skilled Installation Team

In addition to enhancements in products and services, Tashman’s makes the processes more coordinated with a highly skilled installation team. The team is comprised of Miguel Zamora as the Installations Manager, Javier Garcia as the Shipping & Receiving Specialist, and Laurel Cooper as the Purchasing Manager.

Family-Owned and Operated

Tashman Home Center’s alliance with ACE Hardware allows Tashman’s to continue to be a family-owned and operated business while adding the corporate backing that it needs to compete with larger retail hardware companies.

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With over 56 years of experience in installing screens, windows, and doors in the Greater Los Angeles area, Tashman Home Center always strives for excellence in service and quality in products. We are a customer-centered store, keeping customers’ interests in mind, and working towards providing the best. This partnership with ACE Hardware, America's most innovative home improvement supplier, enables Tashman Home Center to serve its customers better. Contact us today for more information!