electrical accidents

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 30,000 houses catch fire annually from electrical failures within the home? Sadly, even with current policies, many homeowners are not covered by their insurance providers. Faulty wiring is a cause insurance companies use to reject claims, and it is found in the fine print on most policies.

Most electrical fires occur in December, January, and February as extra heaters are used for winter, even in sunny LA. However, there are several other causes of fire as well. The list below identifies some of these and outlines areas to check and electrical supplies needed in your home.


Any home older than 20 years needs a good check from top to bottom. Think about appliances and how much they have changed. Only a short while ago, one television serviced the home. Today, multiple TVs, computers, and devices continuously charge batteries. Older wiring is unable to handle the elevated capacity. Outdated breaker boxes should be replaced, and only those breakers that pop when overloaded should be used.

Light Fixtures

Yes, fires have begun by using a bulb rated higher than what the lamp can handle, and every bulb should be checked in your home. When listing your electrical supplies, add light bulbs and replace improperly used ones.

Outlets/Extension Cords

Outlets are often the culprits for electrical fires. During the plugging and unplugging of devices, sparks may fly. That is a sure sign they should be replaced. And when a plug is yanked out of the outlet, it can weaken the wiring inside.

Extension cords are for temporary use.  More outlets should be added to the room if longer usage periods are needed. Space heaters should always be used at an outlet, not on an extension cord. They simply use too much current.

Electrical Supplies

Your neighborhood store, Tashman Home Center, is conveniently located in West Hollywood and has all your home improvement needs, including electrical supplies. Electricity can be dangerous, so take care when checking and replacing wires. Use only certified materials and practices; when in doubt, ask a professional for advice.

Most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe from electrical accidents and house fires by updating any old wiring or circuits in your home.

Tashman Hardware – Your Fire Safety Headquarters

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