ZINSSER Universal Wallcovering Primer White 1 gal Pail Liquid


Sale price$31.99

ZINSSER ShieldZ® Universal wallcovering primer is a one-step, mildew-resistant, high-hiding primer for use on all surfaces, with all adhesives and under or over all wallcoverings. ShieldZ Universal provides excellent adhesion and makes wallcovering removal easy later. Designed for use on existing wallcovering, paneling and gloss surfaces. Use on regular paint, porous flat paint or unprimed drywall.

  • Eliminates split seams and curled edges
  • Sticks to all surfaces without sanding
  • Compatible with all adhesives
  • Prevents drywall tearing when stripping wallpaper
  • Fast drying, low odor
  • Safe, water cleanup

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