ZINSSER Primer White 13 oz


Sale price$9.99

ZINSSER Bulls-Eye 1-2-3® primer is a high-hiding, all purpose, primer-sealer and stain blocker that provides up to 20% more coverage than competitive products. It blocks and seals stains caused by water, nicotine, smoke, tannin, pencil, ink, grease and felt marker and seals smoke and pet odors. It is suitable for use on any interior or exterior wood, concrete, drywall or non-galvanized metal, including hard-to-paint surfaces such as railings, shutters and outdoor furniture. It is ideal for sealing spackle, drywall repairs and hiding dark colors. It has excellent adhesion to glossy paint, glass and ceramic tile.

  • Block tough stains
  • Seals odors
  • Sticks to all surfaces
  • High-output any angle comfort tip spray
  • One coat hide
  • Styrenated acrylic resin type
  • Acetone, aliphatic hydrocarbon, xylene solvents
  • 5 years shelf life

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