WOOSTER Painter's Comb Brush Comb 1 in L Trim Brass Trim Polypropylene Handle


Sale price$8.99

WOOSTER brushes are made to last, but heavy paint buildup shortens their lifespans. That’s why the Painter’s comb is the best tool for maintaining the quality and performance of WOOSTER paintbrushes. The WOOSTER painter’s comb is the most effective on brushes immediately after painting. Break down thick paint residue with its non-rusting brass bristles, which can also clean the handle and ferrule without scratching. The comb side has stainless steel pins for separating bristles to thoroughly clean out the brush heel and for reshaping the brush after cleaning to keep a sharp edge. For complete paintbrush care, add the Painter’s Comb as your go-to cleaning tool.

  • Two-sided tool improves paintbrush cleaning
  • Non-rusting brass bristles gently remove heavy paint buildup
  • Stainless steel comb has 10 pins to speed the wash and rinse steps

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