WOOSTER Paint Brush 2 1/2 in W 2 15/16 in L Bristle Synthetic Bristle Sash Handle


Sale price$16.99

WOOSTER CHINEX® FTP brushes are the best choice for fast-drying coatings. No other brush offers better cleanability or durability than those made with 100% DuPont™ CHINEX® synthetic bristles. In fact, CHINEX® outwears natural bristle 7 to 1. Compared to other CHINEX® brushes, FTP has added stiffness and a fuller, softer tip exclusively from WOOSTER. This increases paint release and reduces drag, so the brush pushes paint farther with cleaner edges! Whether painters are working inside or out, CHINEX® FTP is the brush for today's paints.

  • Extremely durable 100% white DuPont CHINEX, maintains stiffness and control, easy to clean
  • Fuller, softer tip exclusively from WOOSTER, smooth paint release
  • Reusable trilingual package with hook-and-loop closure

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