Wellington Rope 3/16 in Dia 50 ft L #6 44 lb Working Load Nylon White


Sale price$8.99

Extremely strong, soft, lightweight cord with excellent resistance to rot, abrasion, mildew, petroleum products and most chemicals. Solid braided construction stays round and works well in pulleys. Excellent strength, stretches under load. Not spliceable.

  • The first synthetic fiber rope manufactured
  • The first synthetic fiber rope manufactured
  • Due to its elasticity, nylon can absorb sudden shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers
  • Has very good resistance to abrasion and will last 4X to 5X longer than natural fiber ropes
  • Special lock-stitch construction of the rope
  • Solid braid rope does not unravel when cut or accidentally broken, as much as other construction

For hauling, lifting and towing

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