WATTS LFFBV-3C-M1 Ball Valve 1 in Connection Socket 600 psi Pressure Lever Actuator Brass Body


Sale price$39.99

This 1 in two-pieces full port lead-free ball valve is used in residential, commercial and industrial applications for potable water and a full range of liquids and gases. It features a lead-free brass body with solder end connections, bottom loaded blowout-proof stem, virgin PTFE seat, thrust washer and adjustable stem packing gland, stem packing nut, chrome-plated lead-free brass ball, lead-free brass adapter and steel handle.

  • Machined chrome-plated, lead-free brass ball
  • Machined chrome-plated, lead-free brass ball
  • Lead-free brass body and adapter
  • Fluorocarbon elastomer stem O-ring prevents stem leaks

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