USG Joint Tape 500 ft L 2 1/16 in W 0.01 mm Thick Solid White


Sale price$4.99

USG Sheetrock® Brand paper joint tape is a special fiber tape designed for use with USG joint compounds to reinforce joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. Also recommended for joint treatment in veneer finish systems subject to rapid drying conditions and where framing exceeds 16 in spacing. USG Sheetrock® Brand paper joint tape resists cracking and stretching and is lightly sanded for increased bond. USG Sheetrock® Brand paper joint tape is manufactured from special cross-fibered tape with high tensile strength, both with and across the paper grain. Its high porosity produces a great bond while eliminating the need for perforations. It also provides exceptional wet strength, resists stretching, wrinkling and other distortions, lies flat and resists tearing under tools. Easy-to-apply, the positive center creasing and uniform winding promote accurate and trouble-free application to angles as well as flat joints.

  • High tensile strength to resist tearing, stretching and distortion
  • Wafer thin paper for easier joint treatment
  • Roughened surface for superior bond
  • Accurately center creased to improve corner treatment
  • Wafer thin for easy joint treatment

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