Trimaco SUPERTUFF Cheese Cloth Cotton White


Sale price$3.49

Trimaco SuperTuff Cheesecloth is perfect for your staining, polishing and faux finishing projects. Ideal for many uses such as dusting, buffing, cleaning and staining. Made from deluxe 100% cotton. Measures 4 sq-yd.

  • Lint-free, 100% cotton cheesecloth
  • Lint-free, 100% cotton cheesecloth
  • Great for faux effects, staining and cleaning
  • 4 sq-yd of cheesecloth
  • 100% bleached cotton
  • Not tested for food use and are not manufactured to meet FDA standards, but people often use them for food
  • Rinse mesh before using for food use

For cooking, staining, polishing and faux finish

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