Trimaco BUTYL II Drop Cloth 15 ft L 4 ft W Canvas Beige/Cream


Sale price$22.99

Trimaco's Butyl II two layer canvas drop cloth is guaranteed to outperform a traditional canvas drop cloth. It's absorbent canvas top layer and leak resistant poly backing makes it a no-brainer for all of your projects. Because it is super absorbent, leak resistant, dustproof and drapes well over furniture you know clean up won't be a hassle.

  • Leak-resistant coating
  • Leak-resistant coating
  • Thick, absorbent canvas drop cloth drapes well over furniture and stays in place
  • Durable and reusable
  • Highly absorbent canvas layer combined with a leak and slip resistant plastic backing
  • Designed with thick, absorbent 7 oz canvas
  • Absorbs spills
  • Spot clean only

For use while painting, wallpapering and leaf collection

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