Slide-Co Roller Assembly 1-1/4 in Dia Roller 5/16 in W Roller Steel 2-Roller Screw Mounting


Sale price$29.99

D 1607 is a unique housing tandem roller assembly often found on Andersen patio doors as well as several other manufacturers of wood patio doors. It has two 1-1/4 in concave steel ball bearing rollers set in a stamped steel housing with side adjustment . The housing is 11/16 in wide, 1-3/16 in tall and 4-5/8 in long with a mounting tab at each end of the housing. When the housing is inserted into the mortised area in the bottom rail, screws are used to fasten it in place.

  • Mounting tabs on each end
  • Mounting tabs on each end
  • Used on wood, extruded aluminum and vinyl patio doors

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