SharkBite Tube Coupler 3/4 in Brass 200 psi Pressure


Sale price$12.99

The SharkBite straight coupling is the easiest plumbing fitting to join any combination of Copper, PEX, CPVC, PE-RT or SRD9 HDPE pipe together. With no soldering, clamps, unions or glue required, it's as simple as inserting the pipe into the fitting deep enough to be sealed by our specially formulated O-ring. Once inserted, the stainless steel teeth bite down and grip the pipe. This push to connect fitting is designed for potable water and radiant heating (including underground or behind the wall) applications with no access panels required. It is rated up to 200 deg F and 200 psi.

  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of-use
  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of-use
  • Integral pipe liner for PEX installations ensures secure and reliable connection
  • Compact, robust lead-free DZR brass body resists corrosion

For potable water distribution as well as hydronic heating applications

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