SharkBite EvoPEX Reducing Coupling 3/4 x 1/2 in 160 psi Pressure


Sale price$6.99

Push-to-connect PEX fitting for faster installation compared to traditional PEX rough-in plumbing methods. Requires no special tools, crimp/clamp/PEX rings, increasing productivity. Securely and permanently connect two pieces of different-sized PEX pipe together. Can be rotated after connected and is ideal for working in tight spaces. Green visual indicator lets you know when PEX tubing is inserted to the proper depth and reduces the risk of installation errors.

  • Compatible with PEX pipe only
  • Compatible with PEX pipe only
  • Green visual indicator shows PEX pipe is inserted to the proper depth
  • Approved for underground and behind-the-wall applications with no access panels
  • Made in the USA

For hot and cold domestic water systems, as well as radiant heating/cooling systems

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