Rejuvenate All-Floor Restorer 32 oz Bottle Liquid Slight Aromatic Clear


Sale price$19.99

Choose Rejuvenate all floors restorer to make all your floors shine like new. All floors restorer is a safe water and polymer-based floor finish that shines, protects and renews any kind of sealed flooring surface and is the perfect solution on how to restore hardwood floors. The mop-on floor restorer fills in scratches and restores shine to all sealed hardwood, laminates, vinyl, ceramic tile, terrazzo, terracotta, slate, flagstone, linoleum, fiberglass and finer polished stone such as marble. A single application of all floors restorer fills in scratches, seals floors and protects them against UV-rays that cause fading. The floor restorer also increases traction by up to 50% making your kitchen floors, bathroom floors and all floors safer for you, your family and your pets. A 32 oz bottle of Rejuvenate all floors restorer refinishes up to 650 sq-ft of flooring. Reveal the beauty and make it new again, best in class products are Greenguard Gold Certified for low VOC. Made in the USA.

  • Great for residential, commercial, apartments and more
  • Great for residential, commercial, apartments and more
  • Water-based fast mop-on application provides up to 50% more traction
  • Adds UV-protection, dries in 45 mins and lasts for months

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