Ram Board Home Edition Floor Protector 50 ft L 38 in W


Sale price$38.99

Home Edition carries the same properties of Ram Board in a smaller, lighter roll. It is 15% thinner than our professional grade board but remains heavy-duty at 4x the thickness of rosin paper. It provides re-usable protection for contractors and DIYers with smaller projects. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind; it lays out fast and is re-usable. Home Edition is non-staining and utilizes Flex-Fiber™ technology allowing for the proper curing of new floors on jobsites. Exclusive Spill Guard™ technology provides added protection against water, paint mud and more. Ram Board Home Edition provides proven and trusted protection for new and existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile(VCT), epoxy and most other floor types.

  • New WallGuard™ feature
  • New WallGuard™ feature
  • Flex-Fiber™ technology

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