Rain Bird 22SA Mini Pop-Up Rotor Sprinkler 1/2 in Connection FNPT 4 in H Pop-Up 17 to 24 ft Plastic


Sale price$15.99

The Rain Bird 22SA-RVAN mini rotor combines watering efficiency with the accuracy and simplicity of 45 to 270 deg pattern adjustment by hand, with no tools required. This versatile sprinkler allows you to apply multi-stream, water saving coverage in more areas of your lawn - in narrow or wide corners, along curved walkways, even in outside corners. It is an ideal complement to other Rain Bird 22SA mini rotors available in fixed full, half or quarter patterns. To adjust the sprinkler pattern from 45 to 270 deg just push down firmly on top of the nozzle and turn. To adjust distance from 17 to 24 ft, turn the stem collar. No other multi-stream rotor is so easy to fine tune, allowing you to keep water on the grass or garden, not on buildings, the sidewalk or driveway. In operation, the sprinkler produces remarkably low precipitation rates of 0.6 in/hr, reducing water use up to 30%. The secret is in the nozzle's rotary multi-stream action. The water delivery is gentle enough for newly seeded areas and hillsides, yet covers more area than standard pop-up sprays. The nozzle's water droplets are also larger than traditional pop-up spray droplets, resisting windblown overspray. If you are planning a new irrigation system, this sprinkler's extended throw up to 24 ft allows you to use fewer heads per zone to reduce system complexity.

  • Hand adjustable pattern from 45 to 270 deg - no tools needed
  • Hand adjustable pattern from 45 to 270 deg - no tools needed
  • Just push down firmly on top of the nozzle and turn
  • Multiple rotating streams gently distribute large droplets to water uniformly and resist windblown overspray
  • Slow distribution rate of 0.6 in/hr is ideal for newly seeded areas and hill sides 1/2 in NPT female bottom threaded inlet
  • Extended throw up to 24 ft covers more area with fewer sprinkler heads
  • Efficient watering reduces potential run-off less flow than other rotors allowing more heads per zone, reducing overall system complexity and cost
  • Pressure activated wiper seal and closed case design protect mechanism from creeping grasses and sandy soil

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