QuakeHold Picture Hook 100 lb


Sale price$6.99

The A-Maze-Ing Picture Hook™ has revolutionized the way we hang pictures and heavy mirrors. This heavy-duty hanger traps the backing wire in a maze and prevents wall hangings from jumping off the hook. To hold items up to 100 lb, screw the hook into the wall stud. For lightweight items, hang with a nail. Easy to install and remove.

  • Easy-to-install and remove
  • Easy-to-install and remove
  • Use one-hook for hangings weighing up to 50 lb
  • Use two-hook for hangings weighing up to 100 lb
  • For lightweight objects (12 lb or less) hammer into drywall with a nail
  • For heavy-weight items (35 lb or more) screw into wall stud
  • For objects in between (13 to 35 lb) on hollow drywall, use one 3/32 in L-hollow wall anchor

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