PROTECTIVE COATING PC 11 Marine Grade Epoxy Adhesive White Paste 0.5 lb Jar


Sale price$15.99

PC-11® thrives in wet environments. It is resistant to water whether it is fresh or salt. Thick consistency like PC-7® and long open-time (30 mins). Work horizontal or vertical, indoor or outdoor. Wet, dry or under water. Whether you are working on an area where you just can’t remove water and moisture or you want the white color for your repair, PC-11® is your choice. Choose PC-11® for ceramic repairs, pools and spas, fiberglass boats, tubs and sinks, stock tanks and thousands of other repairs. It has excellent adhesive properties bonding metals, fiberglass, wood, tile and some plastics such as ABS and rigid PVC. Ample open-time allows tooling or positioning in order to tackle larger and challenging jobs. When mixed, the epoxy, part-A (white) and the hardener part-B (lt. blue) react to form a bond of tremendous strength and flexibility. The PC-11® formulation is slow-curing, but slow can be a good thing especially for large tasks.

  • PC-11 is thick, thick is good if you need to work vertically or want to hold an object in place
  • Patch a hole in a fiberglass canoe or the fiberglass keel of a fishing boat
  • Repair cracked or damage swimming pool or hot tub skimmer
  • Waterproof and seal cracked fiberglass
  • Seal screw holes to hatch lids or seating
  • Attach fish locators to transom
  • Repair broken refrigerator door shelf fixtures
  • Repair broken pottery

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