Prime-Line Window Casement Operator Aluminum


Sale price$39.99

The H 3519 casement window operator is a right hand aluminum square body type. It has a 8 in steel arm with a round disc on the tip (some older styles had a small wheel instead of a disc). The disc slides in the H 3529 casement track located on the bottom of the casement window. It is worm gear driven by a 3/8 in crank spindle. The matching crank handle that fits onto the crank spindle and installation screws are included. Mounting holes available are 3-7/8 in and 4-3/4 in apart.

  • Square style body
  • Square style body
  • Right handed (viewed from inside looking out)
  • 3/8 in crank spindle
  • Casement track may also need to be replaced
  • Usually fits onto older steel framed windows
  • 8 in steel arm

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