PowerZone Surge Protector Tap 2.4 A 1-Outlet 150 J


Sale price$21.99

You can diversify your power source with this 1-outlet surge protector tap. It features one grounded AC outlet, the plug-in surge protector tap transforms your regular outlet into a safe, multi purpose charging station. The space-saving surge protector tap is ideal for any room in your home, regardless of size or setup. This surge protector tap features an integrated circuit breaker for overload protection. You can be rest assured that your electronics are protected from damaging voltage spikes. Because of it's white color, this surge protector tap ensures your powering station does not distract from your room’s interior design. For even more convenience, the surge protector tap can be simply plugged into a duplex outlet for temporary use. Use the strip as part of your permanent home or office setup or, for holidays and special occasions, create a centralized location for powering a room’s worth of electronic lights and decorations.

  • The surge projector tap has 1 outlets
  • The surge projector tap has 1 outlets
  • The energy rating is 150 J
  • The USB charger current rating is 2.4 A

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