Orbit Professional Pressure Regulated Spray Head 1/2 in Connection FPT 4 in H Pop-Up 10 to 15 ft Plastic


Sale price$7.99

The new Orbit Professional Series 4 in spray head brings rugged elegance to the irrigation market. It is ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes and handles the most intricately designed, high-maintenance areas with ease. Professional Series 15 ft adjustable pattern nozzle provides uniform coverage and long-lasting performance. There are two seals on the cap, a radial seal and a face seal. There are two more seals on the riser making leaks a thing of the past. A pre-installed pressure regulator delivers a constant 30 psi, the precise pressure at which spray nozzles operate best. Delivers even and consistent water coverage over a nozzle's radius. No over spray or misting due to an over pressurized system.

  • 10 to 15 ft spray radius for large sized lawns
  • 10 to 15 ft spray radius for large sized lawns
  • Pre-installed pressure regulator in each head ensures optimal nozzle performance
  • Prevents misting due to high pressures
  • Nozzle easily adjusts spray from part to full circle
  • A strong, fortified cap with superior threads
  • The surface area of the filter has been improved and strengthened
  • The body has added buttresses under the cap for better grip
  • Spray head pockets are designed to catch debris preventing wear and tear on the entire irrigation system
  • Stem works in tandem with the wiper seal and cap to help prevent leaks
  • Stem threaded to fit all major manufacturers female threaded nozzles

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