GENERAL Mini Pocket Screwdriver


Sale price$4.99

Ultra small 4-in-1 pocket screwdriver is the same size and shape as a pen complete with a pocket clip. Capped for safety, this tool has 2 interchangeable chrome vanadium blade ends totaling 4 screwdrivers. Used by mechanics, technicians, hobbyists and do it yourselfers. Includes 1/16 in, 1/8 in Slotted tip and #1, #100 cross point tip. Shelf pack in display box.

  • Pocket clip and end caps
  • Pocket clip and end caps
  • Two double-ended chrome vanadium blades are held in a reversible carrier that fits snugly in the handle
  • Removable, individual blades

For mechanics, technicians, hobbyists

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