GB Digital Multimeter 500 VAC 600 VDC 2 MOhm LCD Display Functions: AC Voltage DC Voltage Resistance


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When you're ready to add a multimeter to your toolbox this unit is an excellent choice. Designed to work on most household appliances and equipped with an easy to read 3-1/2 in digital display this Gardner Bender multimeter features rubber housing to promote a steadfast comfortable grip. Engineered with four testing functions - AC voltage to 500 V, DC voltage to 600 V, resistance to 2 mOhm and battery testing for 1.5 and 9 V batteries. The 14-position manual ranging smooth rotary style achieves precise readings and the low battery indicator with auto-off function ensures an accurate read-out. Durable housing with a rubber boot is not only drop-resistant to 6 ft and crush-rated to 150 lb but also features wrap-around lead holders. Snap-in probes are spaced to fit a standard outlet for quick and easy testing. Tight and secure input jacks keep the included 26 in test leads fixed firmly in place during testing. Unit comes pre-packaged with leads and operating instructions. Tester is rated Cat III 600 V.

  • 14-position, smooth rotary dial
  • 14-position, smooth rotary dial
  • Tight and secure input jackets
  • Replaceable 26 in test leads
  • Protective rubber boot with lead holders
  • Wrap-around lead storage
  • Snap-in probes, spaced to fit standard outlet

For testing AC/DC voltage and current resistance

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