GB Cable Tie Mounting Base Nylon Natural White


Sale price$3.99

Mounting Bases are the ideal companion for cable ties. They allow a user to mount cable ties just about anywhere. GB's feature a 2-way fastening design where they mount either by the adhesive back or a center screw for extra holding power. Cable ties can be inserted in 4 different directions which gives greater flexibility in mounting bundles. These bases are designed to hold cables ties ranging from 18 to 75 lb of tensile strength. Made from durable nylon 6/6 and are for indoor use only.

  • Rubber based adhesive coated on both sides
  • Rubber based adhesive coated on both sides
  • White PE Foam Carrier
  • Kraft paper liner
  • Bonding security
  • Flexible and has a high elongation

For general-purpose industrial applications of fastening, joining and mounting, for bonding, sealing, mounting hook on surfaces of wood, glass, metal and other materials

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