GB Analog Multimeter Analog Display Functions: AC Voltage DC Current DC Voltage Resistance Black


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This multifunctional analog multimeter was designed for the homeowner, hobbyist or professional needing to make electrical and electronic equipment measurements. Capable of measuring 6 functions on 14 ranges on it is easy to read color-coded analog display you'll find yourself reaching for this handy unit almost every time. Unit tests AC and DC voltage of 10-50-250 and 500 V, DC current 250 mA, up to 50K of resistance, -20 to +56 dB decibels on AC voltage ranges and common household batteries from 1.5 V thru 9 V. Unit includes built-in 0 Ohm adjustment dial allowing you to reset prior to resistance testing and to perform internal battery test function. Unit incorporates fuse overload protection circuitry to protect the user and a mirror scale is provided to reduce the possibility of parallax errors. Ships with test leads and a tri-lingual instruction manual and includes a 1 year warranty. Common measurements with this unit include - testing household batteries for charge level, troubleshooting various low voltage circuits, testing wall receptacles for proper voltage and grounding and troubleshooting electrical cords, stings of lights, fuses and switches to determine if they are operating properly or if a break in the circuit exists and the item in question needs to be repaired or replaced. The decibel feature of this multimeter is used for transistor gain measurement in electronic circuits and should not be confused with audio decibels.

  • Manual range selection
  • Manual range selection
  • Agency approved with fuse overload protection circuitry incorporated
  • Easy to read, color-coded analog displays
  • 15-position rotary dial
  • Replaceable test leads
  • 0 Ohm adjustment dial

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