Eaton Wiring Devices Rocker Switch 15 A 120/277 V Screw Terminal Thermoplastic Housing Material


Sale price$6.49

Decorator switches feature ultrasonic welding and integrated construction of the strap and body provide superior integrity. Backwire clamps on the side terminals provide for easy installation of #12 and #14 wire. Re-designed paddle for easier actuation and quiet operation. Thermoplastic rocker, top and back body are virtually unbreakable, promising years of durable performance. Tri-combo screws accept slotted, Phillips and Robertson-head tools for installation flexibility. Long, broad mounting strap virtually eliminates floating installations. Patented built-in wire stripper for #12 and #14 wire to speed installation. Stippled ground screw terminal standard. 120/277 VAC rating ideal for fluorescent lighting fixtures typical in commercial applications. Push-in terminals accept #14 solid wire.

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