Duck Padded Envelope Poly White


Sale price$8.59

Duck rand poly bubble mailers are the ideal all-in-one solution for mailing small objects professionally, affordably and safely. Lined with bubble cushioning, these padded envelopes protect your valuables during shipping and mailing. Poly mailers are sturdy yet lightweight, so there's no need to spend money on extra packing material and the self-seal feature means no need for extra tape or glue. Poly bubble mailers are water-resistant for spill and weather protection during transit and their tough poly shells are resistant to tearing, so you can be assured your item will arrive in the same great condition it left. Available in a variety of sizes, mailers are a premium white color for a professional appearance.

  • Water- and tear-resistant with poly shell
  • Water- and tear-resistant with poly shell
  • Bubble lining features Air Lock Technology™ nylon barrier holds air longer, protects items better™
  • Self-sealing for easy closure, no tape needed
  • Lightweight mailer for low-cost shipping
  • Premium white color gives professional appearance

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