Diablo Demon Hammer Drill Bit and Chisel Set 6 Piece


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Diablo's Rebar Demon™ 4-Cutter Full Carbide Head Hammer Drill Bit and Chisel Set delivers maximum performance, extreme durability and longer life in concrete with rebar, and other concrete applications. Featuring Rebar Demon™, the first full line of 4-Cutter full carbide head hammer bits, these bits are the strongest, most durable, and fastest solutions on the market. Diablo's ultra hardened, Dura-Carbide™ withstands the stress of high-powered hammer drills and the impact of rebar cutting, delivering extreme durability and strength when drilling holes for anchor setting. Diablo chisels deliver extreme durability and stability in general demolition work, adjustment work, restoring joints and clearing reinforcements. The chisel's unique heat treatment strengthens the steel body to withstand the stress and impact of high-powered hammer drills in concrete. This set is optimized for maximum performance in corded and cordless SDS Plus rotary hammers.

  • 6-Piece set for up to 25% savings
  • Diablo made Dura-Carbide™ withstands impact and high-heat applications, dramatically extending life versus standard hammer bits
  • Precision tip delivers stability and accuracy required for fast, precise holes
  • Tri-Metal diffusion bonding provides heat resistance and prevents breakage of the full carbide heat for maximum life and productivity
  • Optimized four-flute design removes dust faster, keeping the carbide head cooler for ultimate strength and durability
  • Chisels are ideal for general demolition and clearing reinforcements
  • A unique heat treatment process strengthens the chisel for impact resistance and stability

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