Diablo Cut Off Disc 3 in Dia 1.3 mm Thick 3/8 in Arbor Diamond Abrasive


Sale price$13.99

Diablo diamond continuous rim masonry cut-off discs provide cleaner and precise cuts in granite, marble, porcelain and tile. These diamond rimmed discs deliver up to 60% smoother cuts versus standard diamond cut-off discs. The disc's industrial-grade diamonds with hardened disc body delivers lasting durability and maximizes cutting quality in hardened materials even in extreme applications.

  • Great quality diamond edge rim design for up 60% smoother cuts, resulting in chip-free cuts without burn marks
  • Hardened disc body absorbs vibration and increases impact resistance to deliver great quality cuts in hardened materials
  • Ultra thin constant contact continuous turbo rim design provides precise cuts at high-rates of speed

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