Danco O-Ring Assortment #00 Rubber


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Replacing the seals on the faucet stem will create a better seal and help prevent water leaks for the future. Faucets usually have one or more O-rings that prevent water from leaking around the spout. Replacing work-out O-rings is an inexpensive alternative to replacing the entire faucet fixture. Stopping the leak saves both water and energy. This O-ring kit comes with a variety of the most used O-rings on the market. This kit is ideal for the professional plumber or an everyday DIY individual.

  • Durable rubber construction with black finish
  • Durable rubber construction with black finish
  • Designed to withstand harsh chemicals
  • High abrasive resistance and temperature resistance
  • Helps to eliminate leaks in many applications, such as faucet drips at the spout
  • Provides positive shut-off and helps prevent leaks by creating a better seal
  • Lid chart illustrates the sizes for easy identification

For faucet repair applications

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