ACE Premium Grade Garden Hose 5/8 in 50 ft L PVC Red


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Ace CoreFUSION premium duty hose with anti-kink CoreFUSION technology is the most unique and innovative hose on the market today. An extremely thick, soft PVC wall, the hose is highly flexible and easy to use in any demanding application. Combining this with introduction of CoreFUSION rod technology makes the most anti-kink hose available today. Highly kink-resistant. Extreme scuff-resistant jacket. Lifetime warranty.

  • Kink and scuff-resistant jacket
  • Ace ergonomic female hose grip makes attaching and detaching the hose comfortable and hassle-free
  • CoreFUSION rod technology incorporates reinforcement rods throughout the length of the hose with actually prevent the hose from collapsing into a kink

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