ACE Appliance Supply Line 3/8 in Inlet Compression Inlet 3/8 in Outlet Compression Outlet 60 in L


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When you choose the ACE hardware stainless steel braided dishwasher supply line, you're choosing a product that starts with an extruded core of PVC tubing. The core is then over braided with polyester yarn and another layer of PVC material. The final layer consists of stainless steel braid to form a strong, yet flexible supply line. Brass nuts on both ends of this appliance connector ensure a solid connection on the inlet and outlet ends.

  • Bends freely, without kinking or crimping, installation is easier, especially in cramped quarters
  • Works with most common dishwashers
  • Supply line made of PVC with stainless steel braid overlay
  • Easy-to-install, easy-grip nickel plated brass hex nuts
  • Lead-free and exceeds all code requirements for flexible connectors

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