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Whether you are preparing for Passover or getting ready to spring clean, Tashman Home Center has what you need. Let’s take a closer look at your upcoming Passover tasks as well as some spring planning tips.

Preparing for Passover

Passover is a time that Jewish people dedicate energy and activities to cleaning homes from top to bottom and especially removing all traces of leaven from the home. Preparing for the Passover usually starts a full month before the holiday.

It starts with removing Chametz or any leaven products, which means cleansing from top to bottom for all crumbs and potential traces of leaven. This may include cleaning under furniture, cushions, beds, and more. Additionally, it involves purifying the kitchen or koshering the stove, refrigerator, counters, and so on.

Need Passover Prep Supplies?

At Tashman’s, we have all the supplies you will need for Passover preparation. Come in for cleaning supplies and bleach. We can even custom-make your Passover blech if you order in time! Be sure to come in early to be certain that these items are available when you are.

Spring Cleaning?

Even if you are not Jewish, you can participate in the spring cleaning activities. One of the beautiful things about our part of California is the near-idyllic temperatures all year round. However, we still have some semblance of seasons here, and as the winter months roll into spring, it’s time to consider new projects and a return of annual home maintenance tasks. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the following spring planning tips brought to you by your local home improvement center:

3 Spring Planning Tips From Tashman Home Center

Employ the following tips to get your home sparkling for the warmer months.

1. Degunk the gutters. 

Los Angeles County is expected to get a healthy dose of rain throughout the spring. This makes now the ideal time to get up on the roof and clear your gutters out of any sticks, leaves, ash, and other gunk that might be stuck in there. If you do encounter ash from the recent bout of wildfires, take care to carefully brush it in the bag and avoid touching or inhaling it.

2. Plan your garden. 

California residents are always excited about all-new planting opportunities each spring. If you’re likewise excited to see something other than brown, then now is the time to start planning your backyard garden, including tilling the ground and appropriately adjusting your soil composition. However, note that despite renewed rainfall, it is still a smart idea to think long-term and be proactive by landscaping with low-water plant specimens. Check out this fantastic California-specific book for great landscaping ideas, specimen recommendations, and other spring planning tips for your backyard garden.

3. Clean or replace your HVAC air filters. 

This is another one of our spring planning tips that is especially important for California residents, as the wildfires around our city and county have brought in a fair amount of smoke. And even if it doesn’t seem like it, your HVAC equipment is undoubtedly doing double duty to keep your home air clean. We recommend cleaning air filters monthly during these conditions and replacing them as necessary. You may also want to consider purchasing a HEPA air purifier to further clear your air, particularly useful if you rarely turn on your larger HVAC equipment. Consider also installing a glass door to keep smoke out.

Get Started with These Spring Planning Tips Today

Need help following these spring planning tips? At Tashman Home Center, we’re here to help! Call us at (323) 498-2417 for assistance.