ace is the place

There are dozens of hardware stores in the West Hollywood and surrounding California areas. So, when you need to run to the store to grab some tools and equipment like plumbing supplies or painting equipment, you might be tempted to go to the one closest to you. However, the nearest location may not be the best equipped to handle your hardware needs. If you want the best hardware shopping experience, Ace is the place in West Hollywood.

3 Reasons to Choose Tashman’s Ace Hardware as Your Hardware Shop of Choice

Check out why Tashman’s Ace Hardware is the place you want to go to in West Hollywood.

1. Personal Service

Many homeowners are trying out new projects and tools when it comes to home improvement projects. If that sounds like you, then you will likely appreciate going to a hardware store where you can have your questions answered and get guidance on the right tools and equipment. At Tashman’s Ace Hardware, our team prides itself on giving each customer that personal touch, like answering questions, demonstrating equipment, and grabbing products from backstock.

2. Convenient Shopping 

Convenience in a hardware shop is more than being close to your home or workplace. Great hardware shops boast a good product layout that makes it easy for busy customers to get in, find what they need, and check out. At Tashman’s Ace Hardware shop, we are tuned in to our local clientele and boast a layout that nicely features the most frequently asked-for items in a nicely sized shop that offers enough variety without being overwhelming.

3. Local Connections

Finally, the best local hardware stores are integral to the local hardware community. When you choose a neighborhood hardware store, you want it to feel like a neighborhood hardware store that feels like a part of a knowledgeable community. This includes knowing employees who can connect you with home improvement professionals if you need professional assistance. Whether you need a tile guy, an electrician who knows specialized knob-and-tube wiring, or a plumber to repair an extensive problem, your local hardware store should serve as an informal agency to help you get the best assistance possible.

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